Yoga for Kids

Yoga for kids is a method that combines asanas (postures), music and games, creatively.

The aim is to encourage, support and give love to our children!!!
The goal thought kids yoga classes is to put the first foundations for their physical and intellectual development.

Some of the benefits of yoga for all ages include:
– Contributes to their proper posture.
– Muscle strengthening and flexibility.
– Improves their movement coordination.
– Eliminates the negative mood and helps with their self-esteem.
– It relaxes their mind and helps with alertness.
– Reduces levels of stress and anxiety.
– Strengthens their feeling of togetherness.
– Builds their mental and physical strength.
– Boosting their immune system.
– It helps to strengthen memory.

The appropriate age for kids to start yoga is usually three years old or more. At ages 3-6 years the class is in a form of a game, learning the movements of animals, exploring and learning parts of the body.
For kids age 7-11 years the class includes postures (asanas), holding them longer and practices to align the breathing motion. At this age there is a focus on balance, attention and empowerment.

Yoga for kids is a dynamic and kinetic practice in order to maintain their interest and not to be distracted. Because of the rapid nature of the class, kids should not have eaten two hours before and should avoid completely sweets (due to hyper stimulation caused by the sugar). Their clothes should be comfortable and preferable cotton.
It is not essential that parents should be present during the class unless there is a reason.

One kids yoga class lasts 40 minutes and two times per week is plenty in order to receive the full benefits of yoga. Yoga for kids is at an early stage in terms of development in Greece. In the last five years there have been several efforts to develop classes through gyms, municipal child-care and yoga studios.