Yoga for Babies

A yoga for babies class is designed for postpartum moms with their baby. These courses are applicable to babies from the age of 12 weeks until they are too mobile to enjoy a Baby Yoga class. The classes are baby led, babies are not just watching their moms doing yoga, they practice with them. We start with gentle strokes and opening stretches for small babies and as the babies gain strength and head control we move to more energetic and fun routines. All classes are accompanied with little songs for our babies and sitting, as well as standing and walking sequences for moms. Baby yoga class involve gentle stretches and core toning exercises that can be done while either the mother holds the baby, or while the baby lies on the mat beside her. In each class we will be exploring the balance between energetic practice and relaxation, practicing with my baby, practicing alone. During the class mothers are encouraged to take breaks to feed or care for their baby. One of the basic concepts of Baby Yoga is to encourage a strong and healthy bonding between parent and baby. It is equally important for Moms and babies to feel safety, trust and confidence. When this secure feeling is established on the mom’s side, it is received also by the baby, and a whole new relationship of trust and joy is being created!

Benefits of Baby yoga classes:
– Baby yoga practices build up self confidence and trust and enhance the mother and baby bonding.
– In our classes we create a supportive environment where we can share our experiences and concerns with other moms and develop awareness on these first unknown grounds of parenting.
– It is a great school for moms to start relaxing while being with their babies and start nurturing themselves as well as their babies.
– Baby yoga classes help mothers to trace back their physical and emotional vitality.

For our babies:
– Baby Yoga improves digestion and can offer relief for colicky babies. The movements stimulate the immature system, aiding peristalsis, which pushes the food through the gut, and thus aids constipation and release of excess wind.
– Baby yoga can help parent and baby to relax and to develop beneficial feeding patterns and routine, as well as improved sleeping patterns for our baby. Deep breathing will also aid the flow of milk and make feeding much more nurturing and enjoyable.
– Physical contact from massage and yoga have been shown to stimulate the immune system.
– Baby Yoga uses symmetrical and cross patterning sequences to support the wiring of the neurological pathways and the development of the brain.
– In a deeper level, early relationships are crucial for infants as they grow and make sense of the world around them. These relationships will shape how the infant learns how to relate to their own feelings and interact with others.