GroovyKids® Yoga Level 1 TT

This training is perfect for everyone- Yoga teachers, school teachers, college students, mothers, and fathers; -anyone who loves yoga, kids and teaching.The training will prepare you to teach to kids of all ages, especially the ages 3-5, 6-7 and 8-teens.

The course will cover:
– What is Yoga?
– The benefits of yoga for children
– Appropriate practice for the different ages
– How to create a fun and encouraging environment
– The sequencing of asanas
– Proper adjustment techniques
– How to gain respect with kindness
– Philosophy
– Anatomy

GroovyKids® is a program combining yoga, music and story in a fun and innovative way, designed to make learning and studying yoga fun.
The mission of GroovyKids® is to guide, encourage, support and love our kids in evolving into responsible and self-aware adults by teaching them the art of yoga.
The results of the program go way beyond simply learning poses and having fun, vital as these things are. Beyond flexibility and fitness, we find that our students learn to be calm and curious, increasing their powers of concentration and awakening within them the desire to improve in every aspect of their lives, whether it be physical, mental or spiritual.

Starting yoga when young gives children a wonderful foundation in life. Because of their natural balance and flexibility, they find it much easier to practice asanas than adults, and through their rapid progress children build self confidence, self esteem and a desire to share with the outside world their innate sense of joy and wonder.

GroovyKids® is a relationship-centered method of teaching, meaning the primary aspect of it is the student-teacher interaction, although this is only a means to encourage in the student svadhyaya, or self-study, which is the ultimate goal of yoga.

Yoga is an art, a science and a philosophy, used to integrate body, mind and breath. With this integration, the nervous system is recharged; the immune system is strengthened and there is an overall increase in holistic health.

It is of utmost importance to gain and maintain the student’s interest. As the child grows, the ways to accomplish this change. The ideal GroovyKids® teacher is one who is aware of, and sensitive to this fact.

GroovyKids® Yoga Level 2 TT
builds on the foundation of relationship-centered teaching we establish in Level 1 and we learn the specifics, nuts and bolts of class-time. In this 9-hour program we’ll cover the guidelines of sequencing poses and how they can be used endlessly creatively. We look at school standards for physical education and see how yoga fits in. Specific breathing techniques will be practiced and a more in-depth look at how yoga has interacted in our lives will help us understand simple ways that yoga philosophy is no different than many other, how universal principles appear in yoga and how we can more consciously apply them in our teaching.
We will look closer at how to modify classes as the age groups change and will also create a class and teach it to some kids by offering a free GroovyKids® Yoga class, taught by the graduates.
A discussion and some ideas about teaching to children with special needs will be included and we’ll play games that are designed to show us some interesting and enlightening things about the way we think and react! This part is interactive and fun!
It is recommended, but not obligatory, that the student has taken either the GroovyKids® Yoga Level 1 TT due to the unique content of the training.


About Greville Henwood (Groovy Kids Teacher Trainer)
Greville began his study of Yoga in Paris, France over 24 years ago. His path has led him through the Bikram, Sivananda and Kundalini Yoga traditions before discovering, through Yoga Works, Iyengar, Astanga and Vini Yoga.

He completed the YogaWorks Teacher Training and Advanced Teacher Training with Maty Ezraty and Lisa Walford in the summer of 2003. At Maty’s insistence he began teaching immediately. He has taught at YogaWorks ever since, apprenticing with Annie Carpenter.

Greville has been teaching Kids Yoga at YogaWorks for over six years; his classes are a fun blend of dynamic movement, classical and partner poses, song, chants, and he has also taught at Maha Yoga, as well as for private groups and individuals, and given classes at Kids birthday parties.

Trained by Subhadra Griffiths, the founder of the much loved and respected Yoga Angels, he has completed both the level 1 and 2 training programs. He apprenticed with Subhadra herself for six months, and is now certified to teach the Yoga Angels Teacher Training and curriculum.
He has also completed the Indigo Kids Program, with Pamela Hollander.

In 2006, Greville traveled to Japan to teach a GroovyKids® Teacher Training as part of the only Yoga Alliance certified program in Japan, returning three months later to teach an Adult Teacher Training. He currently leads Teacher Trainings for YogaWorks and customizes retreats worldwide for private clients.

It is Greville’s ease and relate-ability that kids love so much, inspiring them to have fun while they learn. His love and passion for Yoga itself has inspired many children to continue their study in the Yogic traditions, and he is constantly inspired himself by the joyful faces he sees before him in class.

GroovyKids® Yoga Teacher Training

Saturday 12:00-21:00; Level 1
Sunday 10:00-19:00; Level 2

For information & registration: 697 7598052,

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