Birthlight provides internationally acclaimed yoga teacher training courses that holistically cover the period from conception, through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

Trainees will receive comprehensive illustrated course manuals and practice worksheets with abundant resources on their courses. To provide further support during training Birthlight provide online training support for all courses that have an element of coursework.

In each area of training we offer three levels of training.The criteria for enrolling are specific to each course.

Pre-natal yoga: Part 1 & Part 2
Post-natal yoga
Well-woman yoga: Part 1 & Part 2

Françoise Barbira Freedman, Founder and Director of Birthlight,  is a medical anthropologist at the University of Cambridge, where she does research and teaches as an affiliated lecturer in the Department of Social Anthropology.

After spending long periods of fieldwork in the Peruvian Amazon, including two pregnancies and stays with her young family, she was inspired to share the gentle approach to parenting of her Amazonian hosts with friends in the UK. As a trained yoga teacher and therapist, Françoise used the idiom of yoga to create an original program of movements and nurturing relaxation for mothers to be and new mothers with their babies.

Her background of competition swimming and as a swimming instructor also led inspired her to develop Infant Aquatics and Aqua Yoga original programs. All these activities took place informally in Cambridge around Françoise’s four children and friends of friends until demand grew and the time came to produce books and videos as more people became inspired by her original but effective practices with demand for training by both parents and professionals. This instigated the development of a Birthlight training structure and the creation of training courses offered to Yoga Therapists at the Yoga Biomedical Trust in London.

In 1998, ten years after the first informal Cambridge classes, Birthlight was set up as a registered charity with an accompanying company Birthlight Training Limited. Birthlight courses have grown exponentially from year to year since 2001 and now has over 1500 certified instructors in four major teaching areas, mainly in the UK but increasingly abroad. Françoise is a Board member and adviser of the European Yoga Federation Council.

An expert in her field, Françoise is a speaker at International Conferences. Françoise’s books have now been translated into 11 languages, she has also written articles for numerous yoga journals and pregnancy / baby magazines.

Françoise is a registered SYT teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance UK.

Françoise has 4 grown-up children, all of whom have been a source of experimentation for new Birthlight techniques over the years!

Françoise is a founder Director of Ampika and its Research Director.

is a yoga teacher, birth educator, doula and mother who specializes in all aspects of perinatal yoga. She teaches Birthlight

yoga for fertility/ healthy conception and pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period, and works with couples to prepare them for
pregnancy, birth and parenthood. She also teaches yoga for babies, toddlers, children and teens and general dynamic/restorative hatha classes. Her most recent influence is Anusara yoga which she weaves into all her classes.

Rosanna is a Tutor for Birthlight (2009), training yoga teachers, midwives, doulas and other health professionals in yoga for the perinatal period. She is also registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

Rosanna has been co-chair of the Croydon University Hospital MSLC since 2012 and chair since 2013. She has been working closely with the hospital for 11 years to improve the experience and choices of the women, their partners and babies who use the maternity services at CUH.

Her background is in vibrational medicine (Reiki Master, 2005) and education and environmental studies (BA Hons, 1999). Her passion is in sharing the healing power of the sacred feminine and bridging the gap between spirit and matter. Rosanna is also a regular yoga article contributor for Holistic Therapist Magazine.
 She also runs her own holistic Yoga teaching company InJoy!

Her specialist interests are in conscious living and birthing, letting go of fear on a cellular level and living in joy! Rosanna’s style is inspiring and nurturing…she loves to make yoga relevant to the here and now, and to inspire those who are new to yoga to discover its benefits.